Zoocci Coke Dope Unleashes An Armageddon Themed TALK SiKK Surprise Video Ahead of ANXIETY+ Release

Multiplatinum, award-winning artist, eclectic producer, and curator Zoocci Coke Dope surprised fans with a surprise music video for TALK SiKK, directed by Pablo Morale and produced by CloutCassette.

TALK SiKK visuals encapsulate the marauding mind of an antisocial genius whose jaded worldview is an apocalyptic cage resulting from years of accumulated Anxiety. Spotted in his custom ANXIETY merch, the protagonist of the dark story narrated in these visuals is Zoocci Coke Dope’s street moniker/alter ego Zoolo born of a necessity of vigilance in the concrete jungle of armageddon Johannesburg, South Africa.

TALK SiKK posits an interesting contrast in gender power dynamics, with the women in the video taking centre stage of being perpetrators while men are the victims of merciless crimes in the moral decendance to a hell unknown to man until now.

Boasting over 100K Views, the STAY LOW/PiFF Audio sub-label head’s rollout is reaching fever pitch and the release of ANXIETY+ is primed to set the next chapter in his momentous ethos of a full apparatus delivery.

Watch the Music Video for TALK SiKK Here:

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