ZuluMecca Carries The Cross Of Being A Societal Renaissance With Her Latest Single “Culture.”

[STAY LOW] sovereign alchemist, actor and lyricist, ZuluMecca continues her uncompromising quest of identity evolution with her tradition establishing single “Culture” taken from her forthcoming EP, WEPT.

Steering the course of her signature subject matter, Mecca opens the can of golden-era worms, vividly depicting herself as a product of holistic knowledge, divinity in practice, and quintessential penmanship on a boom-bap canvas constructed by [STAY LOW] renaissance architect, Shooterkhumz.

The intense mood of Shooter’s production compliments the weight of Mecca carrying the cross of culture custodianship and the devotional duty of pushing the way of life forward with a blend of new customs with traditional preservation.

As the golden age of consciousness ushers humanity into an elevated state of being, ZuluMecca prides her purpose on being the voice of progression.

WEPT is slated for release on 16 September 2022.

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