ZuluMecca Exhales From Existential Suffocation With Her Latest EP “WEPT: A SUCCEEDING PARABLE BY ZULUMECCA.”

She is not drowning; she has oceans to guide her; she has whole tides inside her. [STAY LOW’s] alchemical author ZuluMecca continues her intricate journey to eternal liberation with the second instalment of her parable series WEPT: A SUCCEEDING PARABLE BY ZULUMECCA.

The previous 3-track instalment FABLE left Mecca’s beloved following asphyxiating in anticipation of what the pinnacle of penmanship would utter to expand the wavelength of the global consciousness and in the divine act of prayer through song; the masses can finally breathe, the 3rd phase of healing is underway.

WEPT invites you into the 3rd eye of the multifaceted philosopher in her continued mortal shedding purging into gold self-actualization. The EP explores the angst of material/spiritual wealth, reshaping the crux of modern culture, pondering the co-existence of happiness and art, and transmuting tragedy amidst other signature depth-ridden themes akin to Mecca’s metaphysical era.

Complimented by the lead single “Culture” to the EP’s deeper cuts such as “Happy Art”, “Lost In The Fire”, and “Deliver Us” featuring [STAY LOW] Label mate, lordkez, WEPT goes deeper than rap, the parables serve as immortalized transcendence on wax. Stream WEPT, request your favourite record on your preferred radio station and connect with ZuluMecca for More Music News.

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