ZuluMecca Attends An Odd Group & Single Therapy Session With Visuals For Her Latest Single “Happy Art.”

Genius is nothing if not exercised at the cost of mental affliction and for [STAYLOW] Rap, Actor and Alchemist, ZuluMecca there is a touch of imposter syndrome that looms over the triple threats ability to balance timeless art and authentic happiness. Minimalism meets moments of reckoning as Mecca delves into her existential bag with visuals for her thought provoking single “Happy Art”, creative directed by Children of Midas and Ordinary Films.

Co-starring her thespian contemporary Nathi Fani, label mates lordkez, Shooterkhumz, MarsBaby, and stylist and photographer James Pitout Mecca goes through the motions confronting her paradoxical being through the lens of an odd group and single therapy session.

Contrary to the normal therapy setting, both therapist to patient[s] are cracking at the seems, unravelling a bipolar-esque discourse of suppressed emotions which fall into manic and depressive episodes with Mecca caught in the middle of being active participant and observatory agent, watching her surrounding matrix glitch alluding to the possibility that the entire experience may be part of grand illusion curated by her troubled mind.

“Happy Art” is the second electric single from her succeeding parable EP, WEPT, to receive video treatment following the alternative status quo reset “Culture” which both dance in tandem of high calibre artistry, a quality that equally places her a cut above the rest and remains the bane of her existence.

Do happy people create good art? An elusive question Mecca invites you into her Socratic chambers to explore. Be sure to request “Happy Art” on your favourite Radio and Television stations and connect with ZuluMecca for more music news.

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