Tyler Linkman Introduces A New Element Of  Multifaceted Craftsmanship With A Jazz-Funk New Single “Nowhere”

Ladies, we know they are high maintenance but please, lose the weave, bring back the puffy afros and grab a gentleman dressed to the nines in his Tom Ford Suit, the Soul Train Uptown Funk renaissance is coming to town. The virtuoso of alternative vigour Tyler Linkman is entering his live instrumentation era with the release of his latest single “Nowhere”. 

Stream “Nowhere” Here:

Working closely with Producer Liam Beats and Guitarist and Saxophonist Jordan Arts, The Universal Music Group South Africa signee pushes the envelope of his psychedelic soundscape curating and creating  a delicate trade for what can only be described as “Marabi Club Music” a fusion of traditional African jazz and funk, with a psychedelic twist fitting for premium jazz bars of Marabi’s stature. 

Speaking on the inspiration and creative process behind “Nowhere” Linkman shares:

“I just love the way bass sounds on a song, especially if it’s an actual bass guitar and it’s bass heavy. Going against the digital mode arch of sampling we replayed every single instrument from “Nights Over Egypt” by legendary 80s funk band  The Jones Girls  giving our sample direction a whole new feel.  I was inspired to make music that can be played live because I feel like it’s important to have people consume your music in a different way. 

The more rooted in my knowledge of self I became the more confident and inspired I was to show people that there is a multifaceted facet aspect to my artistry outside of what I started to be known for, the melodic rapper. “Nowhere” reflects my evolution as a musician and the direction I wanted to take in terms of  Dynamics and lyricism simply put is one of a mature “life of the party” groove.” 

Put on your dancing shoes, get ready for a nostalgic groove – Linkman is bringing uptown funk to a Jazz club near you. Be sure to Stream “Nowhere” request the groovy tune on your favourite radio station and connect with Tyler for more music news.

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About Tyler Linkman

Born on the 2nd of January 2000, Mathieu Packham, affectionately known as Tyler Linkman, is a brimming hip-hop artist born and based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Signed to the Universal Music Group and managed by [STAY LOW] the virtuoso of musical penmanship has his sights set on mainstream success and critical acclaim.

From his burgeoning Play For Keeps EP, to the career defining single “Over Me” which landed him the UMG Deal, Tyler recently released critically acclaimed EP Garden Flavours which features Avant-Garde talents, Marcus Harvey and [STAY LOW] contemporaries Mars Baby and Priddy Ugly whos guest verse on the lead single “Levitate” garnered him notoriety. Tyler Linkman’s buzz is hot on the radar of numerous media outlets namely Daily Capsule, Texx & The City, Zkhiphani, etc.