Priddy Ugly Unravels The Pains Of Growing Up In Soweto On His Video “30 Minutes To Soweto”

KING Cedric Dladla

One thing that’s hard to dispute about Priddy Ugly is his loyal-to-a-fault knack for unpredictability. I’m not alone amongst those who expected the second instalment of his act series to bleed into the action discourse of its predecessor. Instead, we are taken on the scenic route of the hardships and of growing up in destitute circumstances with ACT II on “30 Minutes To Soweto.”

The lead single of Priddy’s forthcoming EP, MUD, “30 Minutes to Soweto” shows us how to survive the South Western Township. While ghost-riding his Opel Kadett Boss (aka the Karapo), and pistol toting with co-star Maglera Doe Boy, Priddy does the heavy lifting of confronting a melting pot of trauma dating as far back as his childhood.

While Priddy is living up to his tweets of delivering cinematic videos, he’s also become really good at teasing what’s next, transitioning into the bustling Amapiano-esque single, “Botsotso”, to flex his broad range.

Priddy Ugly has said that MUD is the next phase in his metamorphosis and after raising the bar of conceptual videos with “SOIL” and “Handful of Dust” as easy magnum opus contenders,  I am well within my rights to not expect anything less than the best from one of my top 5 MCs of all time.